Our methodology is based on 4 steps:


Pre Touch

Strategic choices (and “let go´s”!) – the pillars of brand positioning

The tangible/functional attributes, from clients’/consumers’ perspective, which the brand will make its own and will be differentiated for.

In Corporate Positioning, it should be reflected as the central notion of the Vision statement.

The target audience that inspires that positioning, through which other audiences will connect to the brand.

The style in which the brand will establish a connection and interact with its audience.


Touch Insight

Identifying the insight – the human motivation

Mining the deepest human motivation, from the target’s perspective, which drives solid adherence to the“What.” Such motivation is established through research and spurs an audience that is already strongly adherent, commercially and emotionally, to the “what”.


Touch Life

Positioning and language articulation

Working out the perspective from which the positioning will be communicated and its tone, which will furnish the base for how this communication will unfold in the future.

In the case of Corporate Positioning, this is when the purpose of the organization is articulated as acompelling narrative.


Touch Points

Guidance on Positioning Implementation

Defining the key messages for each touch point and/or target. Setting the framework for the brand portfolio, establishing hierarchies and navigation rationale in terms of brand architecture.

When it comes to corporate positioning, it is defining the guidelines for the internal behaviors that will shape the brand’s culture and attract as well as retain talents (EVP).